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Microdermabrasion is a minimally invasive procedure performed at Bullock Center for Aesthetics to renew your overall skin tone and texture. 


Microdermabrasion Treatment Instructions


Pre-Microdermabrasion Treatment Instructions

  • Please discontinue all Retin-A, retinoids, tretinols, Alpha-Hydroxy Acids, Beta-Hydroxy Acids,

  • exfoliating creams, lotions or treatments, skin lighteners, or topical acne products 5-7 days prior to treatment.

  • Please keep skin well hydrated prior to treatment. If your skin is too dry, your appointment may be rescheduled.

  • Please avoid unprotected sun exposure prior to treatment. If you arrive with too much sun exposure (e.i. – sunburn), your treatment will need to be rescheduled.

  • Avoid waxing of the area to be treated for at least 2 weeks prior to treatment.

  • Please refrain from chemical peels, or other skin procedures for 2-4 weeks depending on the procedure.

  • Please inform us of any outside or at-home skin treatments prior to treatment or in-between treatments.

  • If you have an active cold sore or suspect you may be developing one, please reschedule your appointment. If you have a moderate history of cold sore, you may consider beginning a prophylactic dose of prescription Valtrex, 3 days prior to your treatment to help avoid a break-out.

Post-Microdermabrasion Treatment Instructions

  • Skincare products such as antioxidants, moisturizers and sunscreen will be applied at the end of treatment so you can immediately apply make-up if you choose to.

  • You can begin to cleanse your skin the evening of your microdermabrasion treatment. Avoid using cleansers that are drying to your skin or contain AHA’s, BHA’s, abrasives or exfoliants.

  • Keep your skin well moisturized.

  • Apply and re-apply the medical-grade sunscreen recommended for you each day. You will be more

  • sensitive to the sun for at least 14 days. Avoid direct or unprotected sun exposure.

  • Please refrain from using OTC or medical-grade retinols, tretinols, benzyl peroxide, topical acne products, AHA’s and BHA’s for 3-4 days post-treatment or as instructed at your treatment.

  • You can typically resume the use of topical prescription Vitamin A products such as Retin-A, or Renova, or topical prescription acne productions such as Differen, Clindamycin, Epiduo, Tazorac etc. within 7 days after treatment or as instructed at your treatment.

  • Please refrain from picking or scratching of the treated areas as it can cause unsuspected injury or irritation.

  • In the event that flaking occurs, keeping the area well moisturized will reduce the effect.


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